Cancellation Manager for WHMCS v1.9.0

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Cancellation Manager For WHMCS V1.9.0

Uploaded: February 26, 2022, - 11:34:28am WHMCS

Description and Details

Of course you do not like cancellations as a provider, but you are part of every business. WHMC’s own cancellation system offers the customer the possibility to cancel immediately or at the end of the billing cycle. What for the customer might be to the advantage, is not always feasible for the provider. Often it is only possible through longer contract periods and deadlines to offer the customer the product at the price indicated. Our Cancellation Manager replaces WHMCS ‘own cancellation system and allows you to save your own minimum contract periods and deadlines for each product. In the customer area, the customer then sees the next possible termination dates.

Download - Cancellation Manager For WHMCS V1.9.0

NOTE: For DEMO/PERSONAL/Educational purpose only. Buy this to support the developers