WSC Pro For WHMCS v1.7.2 Untouched

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WSC Pro For WHMCS V1.7.2 Untouched

Uploaded: February 26, 2022, - 11:35:53am WHMCS

Description and Details

Collect & Protect customer information with WHMCS Secure Credentials (WSC). WSC is an add-on module that will provide a secure area for your customers to share sensitive information like service passwords or application details with your support team. Most WHMCS users use no encryption or a simple text box for users to enter details about their services, this is insecure and looks unprofessional. It does not promote your business as caring about your customer's data. With WSC Pro, users can share any type of information in a secure form, the information is then encrypted using a unique encryption key chosen by you. Information left by customers is then automatically decrypted and displayed directly on the WHMCS ticket using the unique "Credentials" tab. The end-user can choose to remove the details or, once the ticket has been marked as completed and closed WSC will remove the details from your database automatically.

Download - WSC Pro For WHMCS V1.7.2 Untouched

NOTE: For DEMO/PERSONAL/Educational purpose only. Buy this to support the developers